⚡️ Demo: Event-Level Conversion Measurement API

Before you can run this demo

  1. Make sure you're in Chrome, version 86 or later. You can check what version of Chrome you're using by typing chrome://version in the URL bar.
  2. Some ad blocking browser extensions may block some of this demo's functionality. Deactivate ad-blocking extensions on the demo pages.
  3. Don't use an Incognito or Guest profile.
  4. Go to flags by typing or pasting chrome://flags in Chrome's URL bar. Turn on the two flags #conversion-measurement-api and #enable-experimental-web-platform-features.
  5. Disable third-party cookie blocking. In the long term, dedicated browser settings will be available to allow/block the API. Until then, third-party cookie blocking is used as the signal that users don't want to share data about their conversions—and hence that this API should be disabled.
  6. If you're running the demo locally (, follow these additional instructions.

Run the demo

Open these in new tabs:And follow the steps indicated on each page. Demo screencast:

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👋 Ping @maudnals for feedback / questions about this demo.